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The Legacy Project started with a desire to offset carbon emissions from our productions and give back to the communities in which movies and shows are filmed; it has become a Sony Pictures direct feature film requirement. Sony Pictures commitment not only helps offset the carbon footprint of each film production, but also makes an environmental contribution in a specific area.


Captain Phillipsplanted 66 trees for each of the days it filmed in Boston, Malta, London, Virginia and Morocco in Kent, United Kingdom.

No Good Deedworked with Trees Atlanta.

Goosebumpsmade a financial donation to Lifecycle Building Center, enabling the Center to both reclaim usable building materials from film projects and support the Atlanta theatrical community through the donation of salvaged materials.

Premium Rushworked with the New York Restoration Projects MillionTreesNYC program and planted 97 trees throughout the neighborhoods in which the film was shot.

Ghostbustersgifted to Victory Programs Revision Urban Farm, supporting its work on behalf of the homeless throughout Boston.